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The Villa


​​This contemporary summer villa is located in an upscale suburban  area close to Tehran, Iran. The volumetric stone walls connect the indoor and the outdoor, creating a natural look for both interior and exterior of the building. The pool has been elevated to the first floor, creating an infinity edge and at the same time better access from the living areas.

The condo remodeling & interior design

This condo is located in a luxury tower in an upscale area in Tehran, Iran. The chimney wall has been covered by fabricated travertine tiles that have been carefully cut and installed to look like cushions.

The Eyesun complex

(shopping center & office towers)


Eyesun complex is a five-story shopping mall combined with two 32-story high-rises (an office building and a high-end hotel apartment) located in Tabriz, Iran. The shopping mall has an entertainment indoor & outdoor park on the top floor.

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